France, September 22, 1944

Hello Honey:

Your world traveler is feeling mighty fine today—just laying around wishing he was at home with you. You can be certain sweet that he is every bit as much in love with his wife as ever and you can be even more certain that he is more in love with her than ever.

It certainly is too bad about Francis Thompson’s husband. Here’s hoping he pulls out all right. I’m sure under the circumstance you were glad that you went with her even though it did interfere with your holiday plans.

About that picture in Time Magazine—I’m sure it wasn’t me for although we had a clarinet for a while which we got from special services I don’t remember him around a — church. Guess it just must have been your imagination after all.

You can tell J.D. for me that I hope I can get the chance to beat him on a Dallas golf course soon for I certainly don’t intend to stay away from the “City of the Hour” a minute longer than Uncle Sam keeps me. Or course, after I get there I intend to take care of my interest at 1326 Hollywood (my grandparent’s house) and the way I feel right now I don’t much believe that I’ll have time for anything else for quite a while. If he really wants to beat me he can use the time after I get there for some much needed practice.

Give Grandma & Grandpa Gillespie my regards and tell them I was very happy to hear of Jimmy and Moreens’s blessed event. I’m sure they must be very happy too.

Sure hope Corrie (Virginia’s—my grandmother—sister) is getting along all right. Tell her to take good care of herself and also the expected ….. Give Tom my regards. Sure hope he’s doing well in his new connection.

Looks like this letter is turning out to be a bunch of messages to people I should write to. I do want to write Tom and Corrie. Maybe I’ll get around to it now that I have more time. I’m going to do my best to write Mr. and Mrs. Yeats soon in order that they can thank the class for me or at least the members of the class that sent me Birthday cards. I must have received fifteen or twenty of them and should write them personally but you know me Honey. Fifteen or twenty letters is much too bit a task for me to even think of starting right now.

Well Honey. Guess I’d better get ready for formation. It’s held every evening, twice a week. At this formation we have rifle inspection. The rest of the time it’s more or less to see that all are present and to give them the password and counter sign for the night. Also some nights they announce how good or bad the war is going. Anyway it’s almost time for it so I’d better hurry.

With all my love,