I’ve spent the afternoon reading through letters.  The romantic in me loves this particular letter…

Dearest Virginia,

We finally got our radio fixed today.  Naturally it made us all very happy to again be able to have at least that contact with the outside world.  The news which concerns us most is seldom mentioned on the radio until days after it happens but even so we get a big kick out of hearing the voice of an excited newscaster telling his listeners all about it.

I personally feel that the end of Germany is very near.  Sure hope I’m right for believe me I’m way past being ready to come home.  As anxious as I’ve been ever since leaving to be home again with you it seems that the nearer we get to the end of this engagement the more anxious I get.  Right now I’m at the point where I just sit and look at your picture and wish for you every moment I can.  Of course I’ve always done just that but now it seems I wish harder every day.

I forgot all about Labor Day.  Did you have a holiday-if so I sure hope you had a nice time.  Remember the plans we always used to make for that particular day.  Usually a picnic with J.D. and Ruth or some of the family or maybe just you and I would have dinner out somewhere and then take in a show or just drive around. Those were the times I always liked best-the ones when just you and I were together.

Just keep on keeping that chin up Sweet and maybe who knows?  I may get to see you some day soon after all.

                                                                                                               With all my love,


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